Industry and Supply: A Process of Love and Labour

 Industry and Supply is a fusion of modern tech and an old-school enthusiasm for classic motors. The seed was planted back in the late 70s when Neil realised his affinity for classic cars, bikes and hotrods.

In a world of clip-art production we pride ourselves on producing original artwork, hand-drawn with precision, care and good honest passion.

It all starts with a story; every design originates from a memory, a photograph, or an experience. The world of classic motors is a real community so we draw from inspirations such as grainy photographs from the past, to the high-octane thrill of Ken Fox and his Wall of Death riders, to fellow artists using their skills in the coolest ways, like Tony the Engraver.


From pen and paper, we move to Mac-work, and that’s where junior designer Harry comes in. Deftly digitalising Neil’s artwork, Harry transfers the designs to t-shirt templates and identifies the best combination of style and colour.


The design is then uploaded to the site, carefully monitored by our resident tech-guru, Jonathon. Jonathon keeps an eye on all t-shirt orders and ensures that the process to the print stage is as smooth as possible.

(This is Mini the cat, not Jonathon)

 (This is Mini the cat, not Jonathon)

At every stage, we maintain a close attention to detail. These designs are important to us, it is art after all, and we apply maximum care throughout the whole process.

So you see, when you order a t-shirt from I&S, you're not just feeding the success of a huge faceless company. You're actually helping a small group of passionate people carry on doing what they love. 

Check out what else inspires us on our Blog - and if you think we need to see something, or if you know someone worth knowing, then get in touch!

Industry and Supply is a business run by a small group of people with a passion for all things that rev, roar and roll - help us build our community by following us on Instagram and liking our Facebook page!