Industry and Supply: Summer of '17

As I'm typing this, rain is pattering down heavily outside and I'm wearing a scarf to keep warm... this is, of course, the charm of British Summertime. Whether you've decided to venture further afield in the hope of some exotic sun, or you've decided to stick it out and make the most of our homegrown brand of Summer, Industry and Supply have the kit for all weather.

We're inspired by memories of road-trips gone by - long drives in a VW Campervan, winding through the lanes of Devon and Cornwall, and BBQs on the beach in the late evening. It's about as romantic as British Summertime gets, so why not wear it with you on one our Summer of '17 t-shirts?


We have a full range of Men's, Women's and Children's shirts, and don't forget our canvases to help you keep the Summer with you all year round. 

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