Industry and Supply: Where are we going?

From a tiny cottage in the heart of the Northamptonshire countryside, and from the desks of one creative and one designer, a series of shirts come to life every day.

And one morning a simple stamped brown box arrives at a door in Saudi Arabia with a t-shirt ready to be worn and a ‘Thank You’ note.

It is this thought that gives us true inspiration here at Industry and Supply - knowing that there are customers in Malaysia, Canada, China, and Australia (to name but a few) wearing our shirts and drinking tea from our mugs. We pin every new order destination on our globe and local map, so we are more than excited to see how our products are reaching places as far-flung as New Zealand, Ecuador, and Bradford, Leeds. 

So, to answer the question “where are we going?”… it would seem, everywhere.

For every order, Jonathon rings a bell at his desk and the rest of us give a cheer. So if you’ve bought one of our shirts already, you should be pleased to know that we are so grateful for your order and we gave a cheer to you personally.

Alaska is our next challenge, so if anyone over there needs a birthday gift...!

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