Industry & Supply Inspirations: Dingles Fairground Heritage Centre

In the heart of the Devonshire countryside, the UK's best kept secret is hidden. Place one foot over the threshold of Dingles Fairground Heritage Centre and you've been transported back in time to an era of weekends spent at the fair and wild dodgem rides.

An entirely unique experience, a day trip to Dingles is more than just an excuse to reminisce over days gone-by; try thinking of the place as more of a museum that houses some of the most artistic and beautifully restored projects, still fit for use and enjoyment today. Every feature of the museum has been treated with the love and respect it deserves. The old-school advertisements, the classic glamour of the carousel, the eternal joy of a hair-raising dodgem ride... I&S have visited on several occasions and every time we are injected with an energy that emanates from a team of volunteers dedicated to the preservation of one of the oldest institutions of entertainment. 

In fact, there is something about the charm of Dingles that shares the same ideology as I&S at its heart. Love what you love, regardless of age or anything else. And, of course, life is all about big toys. So, that's why the Dingles - Industry and Supply fusion is a match made in heaven.

We have the pleasure of producing a series of designs for our favourite fairground heritage centre... and we think they're something worth shouting about. Whether you're taking the children for an unusual day trip or just sneaking off on your lunch break to relive your youth, be sure to grab an Industry and Supply Dingles shirt from the gift-shop on your next visit. 

In connection with the recently unveiled Moon-Rocket, we are especially proud to produce the shirt for Dingles' most recent addition to the collection. The Moon-Rocket shirt is available, along with the whole range of Dingles shirts, on our site.

Dingles, to us, reflects the same passion for the preservation of 'old' and incorporation of 'new' as Industry and Supply; we represent a community of people with an endless desire to build, renew, and endorse a hobby.

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