Industry and Supply Inspirations: Andrew Cooke, ceramic artist

Andrew is an artist creating unique and intricate ceramics from his workshop in County Down, Northern Ireland. His gallery extends from an expansive collection of Tiki jugs, to one of a kind motorcycle helmets molded from Andrew’s own open-faced bike helmet, to incredible one- and two-string guitars. More popularly known as the 'Diddly Bow', Andrew's musical creations have been showcased by guitar legend Justin Johnson. This amazing live performance in Nashville appeared on TV show American Pickers and shows that fantastic Diddly Bow, custom built by Andrew, in action.

Andrew’s art is something to behold, the craftsmanship and use of unconventional materials spikes attention immediately. But what is most inspiring about his craft is the mentality behind it. Andrew is of the same generation as Neil Bannister (our Lead Creative here at I&S), believing in fearless and reckless adventure, and channeling that passion through art for others to enjoy.

We value individuals who understand effort, and here is an ideal example of someone whose ethic reflects ours. On his site, Andrew admits that other methods of working may be simpler but he prefers to use alternative materials, appreciating the difference in quality and finish. This is the same attitude held by our design and production team at Industry & Supply. Our t-shirts are high quality and totally unique. Each design is hand-drawn with pen and paper by a man with a lifelong passion for classic cars, motorbikes, and hotrods - we don't believe in Clipart nonsense. 

Andrew’s passion for classic hotrods and motorbikes can be found in the detail of all that he produces; his custom made ‘Diddly Bows’ host the Triumph signature logo, for example. It is this unfaltering dedication to that which inspires Andrew that in turn inspires us here at I&S. But as we say, inspiration is never enough; it is the perspiration behind the idea that drives success. Andrew and Neil share an ethic of hard work, determination, and a total refusal to 'just settle'. Eternally striving to achieve goals and set new challenges, both car enthusiasts appreciate the value of the long haul.

Be sure to take a good look at Andrew’s site to fully appreciate the beauty of his work.