Industry and Supply Beginnings: The Man Behind the Pen

Bannister Ford


Art, design, hotrods, classic cars & motorcycles...

These are the things that get my blood pumping. I’ve been going to car shows, drag racing and Custom meets since the late 70s. Industry & Supply combines all my passions into one. Our site offers a range of goods & apparel for those who share in our passion for design, cars & motorbikes. 

The vintage car community is full of enthusiastic people who, like me, want to share their love for old school mechanics and design. Here at I&S, we appreciate the dedication of some of these enthusiasts who use their unique skills and craftsmanship to create incredible art, and would love to connect in as many ways as possible.

We’re old school too, all of the illustrations used in our designs are drawn by hand. It all begins with a pen and paper, and a good old Neil Young record playing in the background.

Our catalogue may be extensive (and still growing!), but each design has been produced with passion and individuality. I've dedicated designs to close friends, and told a little bit of their story because, to me, that's what really matters. The story behind the car and the owner is the real magic in this community, so take a good look at our Pudge's Pop  tshirt (designed for my good friend, Colin Pudge) and 383 Chevy tshirt (based on the mean Chevy owned by another good friend, Mick Hewitt).