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Due to it's metallic nature, we recommend hand washing.

With original, hand drawn artwork printed on the front and the back of the mug.

Spitfire NH341 was built in 1944. It served with 411 Squadron being delivered to their airfield near the Normandy coast just 6 days after D-day.

It flew 27 operational combat flights in the hands of 9 pilots. On the 2nd July it was lost after tangling with FW190’s South East of Caen.

The remains of the plane were placed on display at the 'Musee Memorial de la Bataille do Normandie' in Bayeaux in 1996. Later it was displayed at the Juno Beach museum.

NH341 returned to the UK in July 2015 to undertake a complete restoration at Historic Flying Ltd at Duxford.

The two-seater configuration allows Aero Legend customers to experience a Spitfire flight.

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  • Height: 8cm
  • Cup Width: 9cm
  • Handle Width: 3cm
  • Total Width: 12cm

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