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 It’s 50 years since the launch of this iconic British two-seat, three-wheeled micro car. They turned my head when I first saw them on the streets as a 6 years old. They were only built from 1970 to 1974 which means there are not too many around. Our original artwork is available as a Bond Bug art print, Bond Bug t-shirt and tough enamel mug.

These retro style fine Enamel Mugs are durable, long-lasting and perfect for use at home as well as for camping and outdoor activities.

Hand crafted and coated with a bright white enamel paint, each cup is then finished with a silver rim. Due to the manufacturing process the mug is totally individual in its finish which is part of its charm.

Why not use the Enamel Mug for more than just tea and coffee and serve up some chunky chips!

Please note: Due to the hand-crafted nature of the Enamel mug each product will differ slightly and is expected to contain light defects such as dimples, colour blemishes and black dots. These are all classed as acceptable defects and should be considered before purchasing.

Hand wash only and immediately dry thoroughly as rust spots may occur. This is an inherent characteristic of enamel mugs. 
  • Height: 8cm
  • Cup Width: 9cm
  • Handle Width: 3cm
  • Total Width: 12cm