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Due to it's metallic nature, we recommend hand washing.

Even the name is cool. It’s an acronym for the German "UNIversal-MOtor-Gerät”, (Gerät meaning device in the sense of machine, instrument, gear, apparatus).

The first Unimog model was designed shortly after World War II to be used in agriculture, to operate saws in forests or harvesting machines on fields. 

With their very high ground clearance and a flexible frame they have excellent off-road capabilities and are used as military vehicles, fire fighting trucks and expedition campers.

You’ll likely bump into a Unimog in the jungle, up a mountain, halfway across the desert and even in competitions like truck trials and the Dakar Rally.

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  • Height: 8cm
  • Cup Width: 9cm
  • Handle Width: 3cm
  • Total Width: 12cm

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