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Print Picture Size Max Frame Size
Honda C70 (225 x 325mm) (310 x 430mm)
Le Van (243 x 190mm) (345 x 295mm)
Series 1 (193 x 233mm) (258 x 297mm)
Range Rover Classic (110 x 162mm) (273 x 324mm)
Series 3 (318 x 348mm) (410 x 440mm)
Series 2A (80 x 128mm) (182 x 225mm)
Discovery 4 (192 x 272mm) (322 x 402mm)
1942 HD WLA (210 x 322mm) (398 x 480mm)

Grab yourself a unique piece of artwork with one of our Vintage framed artworks.

These are one off items. We source the 'Vintage’ picture frames and print a bespoke artwork on high quality board which is mounted in the frame.

There is no glass required in these frames as the artwork is (dry) wipe clean. Also making them light to hang and safe to post.

Please check individual prices and sizes before ordering.

*Delivery prices quoted for individual sale only. Multiple purchase postage costs may vary.